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When you’re going through the divorce process, you deserve an attorney who will stand by you every step of the way and ensure you get what you’re owed. 

As an experienced divorce and family law attorney in New Orleans who started his own firm in 2006, Michael Rosenblatt has spent the last 15 years and counting, assisting Louisiana neighbors with their legal needs and providing straightforward, honest guidance and representation.

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We Will Advocate for You

It’s all too common in divorce and family law cases for one side to attempt to dominate or take advantage of the other. When power imbalances exist in these cases, clients need strong legal advocates who will represent their best interests.

Our mission is to make sure our clients get everything they’re entitled to. We won’t let you get pushed around—we’re going to make sure all parties follow the rules, and that you get a fair, positive result in your case.

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Legal Assistance for a Wide Range of Family Law Issues

The divorce and family law field covers a broad spectrum of issues, including the following:

Spousal Support

We advocate for fair spousal support arrangements to ensure both parties are able to move forward with reasonable financial stability and can sustain themselves as they adjust to their new lives.

Property Division

All marital assets must be scrutinized in the property division process, including liquid cash, real estate, vehicles, physical assets, investment accounts, stocks and more. The divorce must also take into account debt responsibility.

Child Support & Custody

We work with couples who have minor children to negotiate child support and custody arrangements that are fair and are in the best interests of the children.

And More

We are here to provide caring, affordable support for you and your family. Feel free to reach out to us for any areas of concern.

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Get in Touch with a Trusted Divorce Lawyer in New Orleans

When you know you’re getting divorced, it’s important to connect with an attorney as soon as possible to prepare your case and make sure you have someone there to protect your rights and advocate for you in court and at the negotiating table. 

Get a personal consultation for your case.