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Navigating the aspects of divorce law requires a deep understanding of legal procedures, state-specific regulations, and considerations unique to each family’s circumstances. Finding a reliable advocate can be the cornerstone of navigating this life-altering transition. 

As a seasoned divorce lawyer in New Orleans, Michael Rosenblatt has spent over 15 years assisting Louisiana residents through the challenging process of divorce, offering candid guidance and unwavering representation.

Protecting Your Rights

In divorce proceedings, the imbalance of power can tip the scales unfairly, leaving one party at a disadvantage. Amidst this, having a formidable legal advocate becomes crucial. We specialize in rebalancing the equation, ensuring your rights aren’t overshadowed or disregarded.

Our commitment goes beyond representation; it’s about restoring balance. We’re dedicated to leveling the playing field, meticulously ensuring that every entitlement and right you possess is fiercely protected. We don’t just uphold rules; we enforce them, securing a just and favorable outcome tailored to your needs.

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Focused Legal Guidance for New Orleans Divorce Cases

Our practice specializes in various aspects of divorce, including:

Spousal Support

Securing financial stability beyond divorce, we strive for a resolution that not only meets your immediate needs but also sets the groundwork for your long-term well-being. This support structure reflects your contributions and ensures a fair and balanced outcome.

Property Division

All marital assets must be scrutinized in the property division process, including liquid cash, real estate, vehicles, physical assets, investment accounts, stocks and more. The divorce must also take into account debt responsibility.

Child Support & Custody

We work with couples who have minor children to negotiate child support and custody arrangements that are fair and are in the best interests of the children. These decisions include where the children will live, visitation schedules for the non-custodial parent, and making decisions regarding the children’s upbringing and welfare.

And More

Navigating divorce is never easy, and we understand the importance of compassionate and steadfast support for you and your family during this challenging time. Whether it’s addressing legal concerns or offering guidance through the emotional intricacies, we’re here for you.

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Find Support with a Respected Divorce Attorney in New Orleans

Our commitment is to address the diverse and nuanced needs of our clients, ensuring a comprehensive approach to every aspect of the divorce process. Reach out to us for caring assistance tailored to your divorce journey, ensuring you feel supported and informed at every stage.

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