Going through a divorce has several repercussions that need to be considered throughout the legal proceedings. Working with an experienced advocate throughout the different stages of divorce, especially when it comes to establishing custody agreements, provides you with an experienced voice in the courtroom. While it’s possible to go through Family Court without a lawyer, there are benefits to working with an experienced child custody lawyer.  From fully understanding what is family court to giving valuable insight into creating an arrangement that is best for you and your children, Louisiana law can be complicated with several different types of custody arrangements.


Louisiana recognizes multiple types of custody arrangements, so it is important to understand the differences in order to determine the best arrangement for your family. 

  • Sole Custody – One parent has full legal custody of the child. This parent may also have full physical custody, or they may share physical custody.
  • Joint Custody – Both parents share physical custody equally, but the 
  • Shared Custody – Both parents share legal custody and physical custody equally. This is a type of joint custody.


Establishing a child custody arrangement is a legal process, and therefore there are steps that must be filed and they can drag out for multiple months or years. The guidance of an experienced family lawyer helps you through the paperwork and legal process that can be daunting in the midst of divorce or when you need to renegotiate an existing arrangement.

  • Filing a petition or motion for custody
  • Serving the petition to the opposing parties
  • Receiving an answer, opposition, or counter motion.
  • Proceed to Hearing or Trial

More often than not, filing for custody will result in a trial or hearing before a judge and you will need an attorney to represent your case and speak on your behalf. Although you can represent yourself, it is best to trust an experienced child custody attorney who can speak without some of the animosity and emotional attachment that you may have. Likely, the opposing party will have also hired an attorney – this allows the two representatives to speak on common ground, in terms that they both thoroughly understand.

Even if you are entering into custody negotiations on good terms with your ex-partner, and especially if you are not, having an attorney by your side during the negotiations provides you with an advocate that is looking out for your and the child’s best interests. Divorce is an emotional process, and in that moment it is easy to get caught up in the anger and hurt and say or do things that could be detrimental to your case. These common mistakes in custody battles could be talking bad about the other parent, whether in front of the child or on social media, lying to the court, moving without telling the other parent or even withholding access to the other partner. Whether done accidentally or in a moment of vindictiveness, a lawyer offers advice and guidance to avoid some of the nastier aspects of a custody dispute. 


Follow the process – In order to keep the proceedings fair and balanced, it is important that you follow the proper steps so that you understand each of your custody options, whether you are able to resolve any dispute through mediation or if you proceed to trial. The effects of divorce and custody disputes can last for years to come and an experienced family lawyer helps parents and guardians navigate this time, working to preserve relationships with all involved.  

The Law Office of Michael A. Rosenblatt will stand by you throughout this process, protecting your rights and advocating in the best interests of the children involved. From developing a child custody and visitation agreement to ongoing mediation, we offer support for both you and your children. 

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